Pipeline Processing

Typical pipeline, processing occurs in the following sequence:

1 - MetraConnect sends a transaction (usually, by a secure Internet connection) that is received by the MetraNet Listener web service.

2 - On the primary pipeline server, the Listener validates the session properties against MetraNet's service definition information.

3 - The session enters the MetraNet routing database and waits for processing.

4 - When ready, MetraNet sends the session to the first stage of the pipeline appropriate for the incoming session.

5 - The stage executes all the applicable plug-ins that it contains, in the order specified in the stage's configuration file. Each plug-in, in turn, executes based on the specifications contained in its configuration file.

6 - The stage passes the session to the next stage for processing. MetraNet repeats Steps 5 and 6 until all the appropriate stages process.

7 - Final session data is written to the MetraNet database.